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GD Next is a 360° solution provider specializes in technology services in banking and finance.
The company excels in Open Banking, Identity and Access Management, API Management, Security and Cryptography.
GD Next has its own suite of open banking products that assure PSD2/GDPR-compliant interfaces to process sensitive financial data frictionlessly and securely.

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Verified excellence

Proficiency in Open Banking & PSD2, Member of the Berlin openFinance Advisory Group
Long-term cooperation with European financial institutions
Expertise in digital identity, onboarding & KYC, cloud technologies
Controlled quality & security framework

Services & Technical solutions

  • Solution design & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cloud-native solutions
  • Technical consulting
  • Open Banking Consulting

Solution design & Development

During the solution design our customers get individual approaches accomplished with a full development cycle that includes:

Problem Analysis

Product Vision

Solution Engineering

Cloud operations

Implementation Guidance

Solution quality assurance & maintenance

Our team gained a deep experience in software & mobile applications development for different types of financial services.

Quality Assurance

We confirm the quality, safety and efficiency of a compiled solution for our customers.
With our support, you can easily verify that the developed functionality meets all types of requirements and fulfils business objectives & user needs.
We specialise in automated QA and support manual as well.

Cloud-native solutions

We can help you to sort different infrastructure issues out and assist in tasks of any complexity level:

Cloud infrastructure design

Deployment of your environment in AWS, Google Cloud and MS Azure or any other provider

Cloud rollout and migration to the cloud

CI/CD processes implementation

Infrastructure-as-a-code solutions

Cloud operations

Technical consulting

Our technical leads with 10+ years of experience can offer expert engineering consulting:

Audit and analysis of your solution architecture and code base

Mentorship for your development team

Tech knowledge share workshops

Open Banking Consulting

Analysis of your API framework

Workshops on European standards of PSD2

Consulting on best practices implementation of account access interfaces

PSD2 compliancy audit (through the running of compliance tests in customer environment)

Product suite

This solution is designed to emulate the banking framework and test Open Banking APIs (including all PSD2-compliant services) by any external Payment Service Provider in the European Union and beyond.
Our plugin for IntelliJ IDEA brings the BPMN world closer to developer needs. It supports editing and visualising BPMN diagrams with navigation and process debugging. It provides a bridge to jump between the code and BPMN diagram.
Unified API gateway framework for transparent access to Open Banking APIs. Provides a standard unified API to remove the burden of mapping disparate API standards and authorisation approaches.
Compliance, rapid and secure Solution for your business! For banks and financial institutions. It covers all essential components and provides a wide range of extended services

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GD Next is a group of companies with headquarter located in Switzerland,
R’n’D office in Ukraine and employees across Europe.
We serve customers globally, ensuring a broad reach and comprehensive support.

GD Next GmbH
  • Schlieren, Switzerland
R’N’D Office
LLC Golden Dimension
  • Kyiv, Ukraine
team locations
United Kingdom